Our team works collaboratively and diligently to ensure that all components of your project stay on schedule and within budget, while maintaining quality and safety.

General contracting

Define + manage + communicate + report = Successful projects

We successfully procure work on a stipulated sum-tendered basis, and we deliver our services on a highly competitive basis. By consistently turning at-risk work into solid results, we create a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved.

Construction management services

OML + architects + engineers = Satisfied clients

We add value to projects by getting involved in the early stages and providing construction input throughout the design phase. In addition, our collaborative approach to working with architects and engineers saves our clients time and money.


Design experience + design connections = Smarter builds

We draw from our depth of experience in design and construction and strong relationships in the design community to complete projects efficiently and cost-effectively. As an experienced contractor, we help you avoid common project risks to provide you with smarter results.

Pre-construction and estimating

Plan + strategize + innovate = Trusted foundations

Where possible, we believe in bringing our entire team into a project’s planning stage so we can create the most impact for our clients. With this smarter approach, OML is able to provide certainty to our clients and deliver a project that meets their expectations.